9/24/21: Now available at 93 Main Electric Bike Cafe in South Portland! Stop by before they sell out!

We are a new baking company in South Portland, ME, and just launched our biscotti line. Let us know how you like them by emailing us at info@clarkscrumbs.com!

Cherry Hazelnut biscotti: Dipping biscuits packed with roasted hazelnuts, dried cherries, orange zest, and drizzled with dark chocolate. Indulgent and delicious for breakfast as well as for an afternoon treat.

Seed & Nut Breakfast biscotti: Delicious dipping biscuit infused with nutritious chia seeds, hemp hearts, almonds, and white-wheat flour. Made with low sugar, these include cinnamon chips at just the right dose to let you start your day right.

Please reach out to order or inquire about sales and purchasing. info@clarkscrumbs.com